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Our new darkroom is now complete and ready for use by PWS Members. Please email to book in advance.

If you would like the technicians to prepare, coat and expose your artwork onto our screens, we are happy to do so. Please email to book this service.

If you are not a Print Workshop Member and would like your own screens prepared, coated and exposed ready to print simply drop off your own screen and artwork – printed out in black ink only on a piece of acetate or as a high-quality black & white photocopy. We will then de-grease your screen, coat your screen in photo-emulsion, expose your artwork and post-harden the image for you here in the studio to collect at your own convenience.

The cost for an A3 size screen is £10, for an A2 it’s £12. All screens left with us for this service are at your own risk and we can’t alter or amend your artwork – it must be exactly as you want it to be on the screen. Please get in contact if you’d like to book this service.

An image of a person using a screenprinting press. They are using a squeedgee on a t-shirt.