A gift in your will

One of the most effective and personal ways to make a lasting impact on Gainsborough’s House’s work is to remember our charity in your will. Legacies can be designated to a particular aspect of our work, such as education or growing our endowment or they can be left to the discretion of the Museum. It might be as little as 1% of your estate, which leaves the greater provision for loved ones. Whichever you choose, your generosity and passion for this special place will ensure our continued success as we strive to strengthen the collection and encourage more people to enjoy the art of Gainsborough.

Acceptance in Lieu Schemes

Acceptance in Lieu is a provision in British tax law under which inheritance tax debts can be written off in exchange for the acquisition of objects of national importance. The scheme is administered by Arts Council England.

For further information contact:
Calvin Winner, Executive Director
T: 01787 372958 or E: calvin@gainsborough.org