Adopt a Gainsborough

The Adopt A Gainsborough scheme, offers the opportunity for a personal association with your chosen artwork in the collection. An individual, couple or group of family or friends can exclusively ‘adopt’ any available work from the collection. In return for a donation, the adoption is guaranteed for a 5-year period (that can be rolled over if so wished) and Adopters’ name/s will be on an acknowledgement label, near your chosen work.

The cost of adoption varies depending on the type, size and significance of the artwork. Adopt a drawing from £500. Adopt a painting from £1,500. Donations may be made in instalments. We welcome group adoptions to celebrate a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.

The funds raised will go towards the care and display of the chosen artwork, and conservation where needed. Conservation is entrusted to expert conservators, and allows the collection to be maintained and preserved in the best condition for the enjoyment of future generations. Funds will also support the exhibitions and research programmes at Gainsborough’s House.

Gainsborough’s House would like to thank David Pike for supporting the Adopt A Gainsborough scheme.

Adopt a Tree

The Adopt a Tree scheme is for those whose passion is for the beautiful and tranquil garden at Gainsborough’s House. The garden contains the 400-year-old Mulberry Tree that is believed to have been alive in Gainsborough’s lifetime, as well as medlar, quince and pear trees, surrounded by species of flowers, plants and fruit that was available in the 18th Century. The adoption of a tree pays for its care and maintenance for five years. We ask £1,000 for the pear, quince or medlar trees and £5,000 for the grand old Mulberry tree.

For further information contact:
Dr Steven Parissien, Director
T: 01787 372958 or E: