Maggi Hambling CBE and NADFAS

Thank you to all the NADFAS and Gainsborough’s House supporters for entering the raffle to win first prize ‘Sun on breaking summer wave’ painting kindly donated by Maggi Hambling to raise funds for the future of Gainsborough’s House and to the first hundred runners-up who enjoyed a complimentary one-year membership to Gainsborough’s House.

Bronze Gainsborough

Nicole Farhi CBE, internationally known fashion designer, has been sculpting for 30 years. She was tutored and mentored by the late great sculptor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (1924-2005). Her bronze bust has beautifully captured Gainsborough’s mercurial personality, the gaze reminiscent of his late self-portrait. Nicole has kindly allowed 10 copies of this fine sculpture to be made in order to help Gainsborough’s House raise funds.

A Limited Edition Print of ‘The Death of General Wolfe’

Through the kind permission Loyd Grossman CBE, FSA we are able to produce a limited run of 50 prints. These prints, taken directly from the 18th Century Copper Plate, engraved by William Woollett after the famous 1770 painting ‘The Death of General Wolfe’ by artist Benjamin West. It shows the death of British General James Wolfe during the 1759 Battle of Quebec of the Seven Years’ War.

These prints are exclusive to Gainsborough’s House. We can arrange for the prints to be framed for a modest additional cost. On receipt of payment for £250, prints will be dispatched within two months.

For further information contact:
Calvin Winner, Executive Director
T: 01787 372958 or E: