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Image © Racey Helps. Modern Art society/Mary Evans picture library

Behind the Products – The Porch Fairies

Image © Racey Helps. Modern Art society/Mary Evans picture library

The Porch Fairies – Introduction

The Porch Fairies are a family-run business who creates beautiful hand-illustrated nostalgic greeting cards to bring warmth and childhood memories to everyone. While creating their products, they strive to reduce carbon footprints and waste by printing and sourcing materials locally.  

 They have a variety of collections, including ‘Foxwood Tales’, ‘Holly Pond Hill’, and ‘Nostalgia World’, all of which we offer in our shop! We are proud to support The Porch Fairies because they care about the world through their thoughtful products, and we hope that this will inspire you to travel down memory lane with them.

Q & A

What is your brand’s mission?

We’re all about nostalgia. We are proud to bring back happy memories and joyful discoveries of traditional children’s storybook illustrations from another era.

Is there a particular cause that inspired you to start your mission?

A pack of Racey Helps playing cards started it all… These cards inspired an idea to bring back and share beloved warm childhood memories as a greetings card.

What are your brand values?

Traditional and carefully curated ranges, sustainability and print & production in England. We care about everything we do.

What is your brand’s story?

Image © Foxwood Tales. Brian Paterson 2023.
Image © Foxwood Tales. Brian Paterson 2023.

Our family business has evolved over 12 years.

We started with tow of Fiona’s illustrated Fairytale prints & six cards!

A few years on, with our love of nostalgia and inspired by that pack of Racey Helps playing cards, we had an idea of bringing back images from mid-century 1950s to 70s cherished and well-loved book illustrations. We sought the licences to reproduce & publish these images. We also evolved working with other illustrators and artists bringing these images back, under licence.

These illustrators include Molly Bret, Margaret Tempest, Racey Helps and more recently Susan Wheeler’s ‘Holly Pond Hill’ & ‘Foxwood Tales’ in 2023. We are proud to have a robust and truly delightful range of everyday & Christmas greetings cards, advents, gift wraps & tags and lovely papery things supplying shops, such as Gainsborough’s House.

What makes your brand stand our against similar brands?

We specialise in Nostalgia!

Is there anything you would like to mention about your brand?

We are always adding to existing collections and considering new ranges from yesteryear.

Watch this space for 2024!

Any proud accomplishments you would like to mention?

We are proud to supply prestigious stores over the UK, Europe and Australia.

It is a privilege to publish delightful images from cherished story books into greeting cards, advents, gift wraps, and lovely papery things. All full of nostalgic happiness.

All images and information has been consented to be shared publicly by the brand owner.