GH Printmakers Exhibit at the RA Summer Show

The summer exhibition at the Royal Academy is the world’s largest open submission show. This year’s exhibition features over 1,200 works showcasing everything from watercolours, paintings and prints to photography and video with emerging artists exhibited alongside established names. Gainsborough’s House is very proud to announce that our former joint chairs and tutors’ of the Print Workshop, Emma Buckmaster and Janet French have been accepted to exhibit two works.
Emma writes: The BBC team came back and filmed for another day at my house, during which we got the acceptance- we couldn’t dance around the room as the mikes were tied to the chair – but we were very surprised.  We are off to London for Varnishing day and a bit more filming and then the programme goes out on Saturday 11th June 9pm BBC2.
Just to add to all the excitement we are also having a one day exhibition at the V&A – so our feet are not really touching the ground at the moment.

The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London runs from 13 June — 21 August