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Behind the Products – Art Angels


Art Angels – Introduction

Art Angels are a Norwich based publisher of cards who specialise in a variety of different Greetings Cards and Stationery featuring past and present printmakers and 20th century artists that inspire the current generation.

Not only do they supply greetings cards and stationery, but they also contribute towards the sustainability of our world by eradicating single use plastic and using alternative recyclable and biodegradable packaging to keep their products safe from wear and tear. Art Angels are also an active partner of Sistema in Norwich who work towards transforming young people and children’s lives through the interaction of Music.

Q & A

What is your brand’s mission?

To continue to build on our comprehensive collection of images by printmakers both past and present, and to expand our collection of images by 20th Century artists whose aesthetic has inspired this current generation.

Is there a particular cause that inspired you to start your mission?

A lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of the craft of print

What are your key brand values?

We are committed to manufacturing in an ethical and sustainable way; all our products are printed and assembled in the UK; all cards are wrapped in bio-degradable, compostable cellophane.

What is your brand story?

In a former life I owned a card and print gallery; artists often asked how they could get their work produced as cards, so, one day I replied by saying that we could do that. So, we started a card company which we called Art Angels!

What makes your brand stand out against similar brands?

We have been focussing on contemporary printmaking for nearly 20 years, well before any company took on this medium. We also work with our artists on a variety of 3D die-cut products.

Is there anything you would like to mention about your brand?

All artist’s featured in our collections are well respected in their own right and who exhibit their works in art galleries across the UK.

Any proud accomplishments you would like to mention?

We always include a link to the artist’s website in the mini biographies on the back of the cards; they always tell us how their print sales increase exponentially once we publish their work.

All images and information have been consented to be shared publicly by the brand owner themself.