Cobbold and Kin: Life Stories from an East Anglian Family by Clive Hodges


Cobbold & Kin charts the story of one of Suffolk’s most significant families. The Cobbold family, its roots firmly planted in East Anglia, is most commonly associated with the brewing industry and with Ipswich Town Football Club. This, however, is only a small part of the story. Over the centuries, the Cobbolds and their kin have turned their hand to almost every imaginable field of endeavour.

This richly-illustrated book relates the lives of thirty-two of the family’s most interesting and colourful characters across eight broad subjects: from industry and agriculture to faith, from the arts to empire, from public service to scientific enquiry, and from sport to military service. Not all bear the name Cobbold but all are related to the family.

24 x 17 cm

283 pages, black & white illustrations

Published: Boydell Press

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ISBN: 9781843839545

Cobbold beer was first brewed by Thomas Cobbold (1680-1752), who founded a brewery in Harwich in 1723. He was a maltster and produced his own malt from East Anglian barley. Before long, he realised that the quality of his beer was compromised by the brackish water of Harwich. The family owned some land at Holy Wells, Ipswich, well known for its natural springs which trickle into a cascade of man-made pools. Thomas made the excellent decision to move the brewery to his newly purchased land adjacent to the springs and to replace the unpalatable water of Harwich with the clear spring water of Holy Wells.

Gainsborough beautifully depicted the estate and pools in his only landscape of Ipswich.