Friends & Volunteers Garden Party a triumph for all

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An image taken at the Annual Friends Garden Party at Gainsborough's House in 2023. There are lots of groups of people enjoying themselves in the sun.

Friends & Volunteers Garden Party a triumph for all


We are thrilled with the success of our first Annual Friends Garden Party since Gainsborough’s House re–opened in November 2022.

Due to the high-volume of Friend memberships being taken up since re–opening, we had to do things differently from our usual Garden Party set–up. The celebrations lasted all day, and this meant our guests could choose when to come & enjoy themselves with us! It was a pleasure to celebrate with all our Volunteers and Friends on such a beautiful day.

We had a lot of typical British Summer clouds on Friday 28 July; although Gainsborough’s House Garden Party upheld its 10-year-long tradition of not allowing the rain to fall. Hoorah!

An image of large crowds in the Gainsborough's House walled–gardens. They are listening to Mark Bills give his speech.

Director, Mark Bills gave his final speech to Friends of Gainsborough’s House emphasising the importance of friendship, ending on the quote from Dickens:

Friendship? Yes, please!

Thank you to our café, The Watering Place proudly operated by Collata Live, for catering delicious food throughout the day.

We want to extend a special thank you to all of the musicians who filled the garden with magnificent song on Friday: Lavender Barn, Anne Chorley performing solo & with Adriene Ellis as Angels Delight Music, A Melody of Harps, Stour Wind Decet & Cornistas!

An image of the Stour Wind Decet playing their instruments with conductor. They are situated in the Gainsborough's House garden by the Mulberry tree.