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Come and visit our amazing camera obscura and create your own to take away.

Experiment with different materials and resources to create your own images in the camera obscura.

Led Studio Session

Visit the Camera Obscura

  • Visit the camera obscura and experiment with our ‘what happens if’ box
  • Use our change-your-view finders to experiment with different colours, views and  perspectives
  • Explore our mind-altering box of illusions and devices – how do they change your view of the world around you?

Led Studio Session

Make a Camera Obscura

  • Make your own camera obscura to take home
  • Be inspired by how artists have used camera obscuras

Led Studio Session

Gainsborough’s Showbox

  • See how Gainsborough experimented with colour and light with our working replica of his Showbox.  Create your own work to try out in the box and photograph your results

Led Studio Session

Making a Landscape

  • Practical art session led by our artist team.  A changing programme of activity, based on current exhibitions.  Contact the learning team for further details.
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Full day: 10am–2:15pm
Cost: £9 per pupil

4 x led workshops

Full day: 10am–2:15pm
Cost: £7.50 per pupil
3 x led workshops
1 x teacher-led workshop

Full day: 10am–2:15pm
Cost: £6 per pupil
2 x led workshops
2 x teacher-led workshops

Half day: 2 hours
Cost: £4.50 per pupil
2 x led workshops

Half day: 2 hours
Cost: £3 per pupil
1 x led workshop
1 x teacher-led workshop

Maximum 60 pupils per day.
The minimum charge for a school visit is £75.

How to book and important info

To enquire or make a booking contact our learning team

01787 372958

At Gainsborough’s House we want to ensure your school gets the best visit for you and your pupils.  You can choose to build your own visit or pick one of our suggested day or half day workshop theme programmes.

Each workshop theme offers the following types of learning opportunities:

  • interactive sessions led by our learning team in the galleries
  • well resourced, teacher-led small group sessions in Gainsborough’s House
  • creative workshop sessions in our landscape studio led by our learning team

You can pick exclusively from one workshop theme, or mix and match across any of the themes.

Each session lasts 45 minutes and you can book up to 4 sessions for a full-day visit or two for a half day.

Outreach Service

Our outreach sessions are available as full or half days.  A half day session is £175 and a full day is £250.  A mileage charge of £45p per mile will apply for schools outside a 20 mile travelling distance of Gainsborough’s House.   

Home Educators and other learning groups

We welcome Home Educators to Gainsborough’s House and are happy to adapt any of our workshops to suit.

We also offer sessions for Guiding and Scouting groups to help with badges.

Please get in touch with our learning team to discuss further

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