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Behind the Products – VENT for Change


VENT for Change – Introduction

VENT for Change is a UK-based company that manufactures beautiful and environmentally friendly stationery while also conserving the environment and supporting children’s education projects across the world! Because we support VENT for Change, we are also helping towards their cause, as 5% of their net sales go towards supporting children’s education.

They feature a large choice of wonderfully designed product lines, all made with unique materials… Their ‘Sucseed’ notebook series is created from reclaimed coffee beans, kiwi, cherry, and lavender, blended with recycled paper, and their ‘Notes’ collection is produced from 100% recycled paper and board, with pencils made from recycled CD cases!

Q & A

What is your brand’s mission?

Produce stylish sustainable stationery gifts that protect the planet and support children’s education projects.

Is there a particular cause that inspired you to start your mission?

The plight of children worldwide missing out on the education they deserve through no fault of their own; war & conflict, extreme poverty and natural disasters being a few of the reasons.Dusty-Blue-Range

What are your key brand values?

Sustainability combined with a social conscience.

What is your brand’s story?

Evan Lewis, Founder of VENT for Change, has been running his environmental wholesale business since 2005. In that capacity he purchased an old run-down machine in 2014 to make pencils from recycled plastic. In 2017 he turned his attention to people as well as the planet and started giving away pencils to help support education projects worldwide.

By 2019 this had transformed into a fully sustainable stationery brand including the pencils plus notebooks, journals, pens and more that were made available to retailers. 5% of VENT’s total revenue goes towards supporting education, this isn’t based on profits made, they are hard to come by, it’s 5% of all net sales turnover from the first item sold to the last.



What makes your brand stand out against similar brands?

Combining a social philosophy with a sustainable message that is at the very core of everything we do and sell. Setting an example to all small businesses that they can be purposeful and responsible while also being appealing and attractive.

Is there anything you would like to mention about your brand?

VENT also run the UK’s largest free-to-participate education-awareness day for primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Any proud accomplishments you would like to mention?

More than 250,000 children from over 600 schools have taken part in our education day totally free of charge. Teaching UK school children the importance of education and how millions worldwide are still missing out on the learning they deserve.

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