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Behind the Products – The Recycled Candle Company


The Recycled Candle Company – Introduction

The Recycled Candle Company is a company who specializes in creating Luxury Candles that are made from 100% recycled scrap candle wax, by doing this they prevent up to 40 tonnes of wax from landfill every year. They also are active supporters for Stonewall who is a LGBTQ+ Charity by giving 10% of their sales from their pride collection, they also support Missing People Organisation by also giving 10% of their Home Sweet Home Collection!

To contribute towards their causes people can donate their scrap candle wax either at their shop, sent by post or organised collection for bulk recycling; this enables them to continue creating their lovely candles and supporting surrounding causes.

Q & A

What is your brand’s mission?

To reduce the amount of candle wax from ending up in landfill.

Is there a particular cause that inspired you to start your mission?

Our founder Richard Hills-Ingyon was always passionate about tackling waste. Sargon Latchin then pushed the design to a new level, and they took the leap to start the company.

What are your key brand values?

Candles with a conscience, guilt free luxury,  saving the planet one candle at a time, and luxury, not landfill.

What is your brands story?

Candle company box of candles

Richard made candles from a young age, when his mum gave him a hobby candle making kit. Disliking waste, he became preoccupied with finding ways to reuse spent candles. It’s not enough to just melt old wax down so he had to invent the

process, through trial and error. Then he met Sargon, whose design flair and acumen helped to turn the idea into a business opportunity. Ditching the raffia and introducing clear branding led to the founding of The Recycled Candle Company. And at the heart of what we do is always our green ethos.

Is there anything you would like to mention about your brand?

Our candles are luxury with a touch or rustic chic – each one is different because of the process used to create them; they are entirely handmade. They have a long burn time depending on the style of candle and the mix of wax and fragrance. Our fragrances are bespoke made with a UK based, French parfumier using only ethical ingredients.

Any proud accomplishments you would like to mention?

Highly Commended in Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2023, Green Apple Award for Sustainable Development 2021, Winners at Exeter Living Awards 2021, Winner at Gift of the Year Awards 2019.

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