The Revolution in Eighteenth-Century Art Ten British Pictures 1740-1840 by Robert R. Wark


The ten pictures presented here offer vivid proof of the richness and versatility of British painting during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth-centuries.

This book was written with two objectives in mind. The first is to present a series of brief essays, having taken shape over fifteen years, on several important and popular British paintings in the Huntingdon collection. The second is to suggest something of the scope of the character of British painting of the Georgian period.

255mm x 180mm

144 pages, colour illustrations

Published by Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery

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All are in the Huntingdon collection and in discussing them, the author has bought into perspective a fascinating period in European art. “At no previous time”, he says, “is there such a radical variety of forms produced by artists working at the same time under the same circumstances.”

ISBN: 978-0-87328-185-3