From Gainsborough to Constable Exhibition Catalogue


Towards the end of his life, in a lecture delivered on Thursday 16 June 1836 at the Royal Institution, John Constable included one of the most moving tributes that any artist has paid another.

‘The landscape of Gainsborough is soothing, tender, and affecting. The stillness of noon, the depths of twilight, and the dews and pearls of the morning, are all to be found in the canvases of the most benevolent and kind-hearted man. On looking at them, we have tears in our eyes, and know not what brings them.’

The exhibition ‘The emergence of naturalism in British landscape painting 1750-1810’ shows evidence for not only John Constable’s admiration for Gainsborough but all his other formative influences. The catalogue includes multiple influential essays on the subject of John Constables Early and Late work.

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Gift Wrap Design

Thomas Gainsborough message card (£3.00)

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