Benton End Remembered : Limited Hardback Edition


When Cedric Morris and Arther Lett-Haines opened the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Dedham, Essex in 1937 they were both established artists with international reputations. They had lived and worked in London, Cornwall and Paris, had travelled extensively and had made large numbers of friends among other artists. There had been a series of successful exhibitions in London and New York in the 1920s and Morris, in particular, had received critical acclaim and had sold a large number of paintings.

The extracts which form the text of this book are based largely on conversations with contributers which took place during the years 1998 and 1999. Articles, extracts from an autobiography and a diary are also included. They comprise the affectionate memories of a few of those who knew and loved Benton End and its two gifted and hospitable hosts.

22 x 25 cm

160 pages, colour illustrations

Published by Unicorn Press

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ISBN: 9781910787977

Cedric Morris (1889 – 1982) was the only person of his generation to achieve national stature both as a painter and a plantsman. As well as painting portraits, still-life’s and landscapes representing his expansive travels, Morris is best known for his flower paintings, which reveal his keen interest as a botanist – he cultivated over 90 new irises.

Gainsborough’s House holds the largest collection of artwork by Cedric Morris, generously gifted to the museum by the Trustees of the artist’s estate. A selection of his art are on permanent display within a dedicated room at Gainsborough’s House the National Centre of Thomas Gainsborough.