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An image of the cover of Dr Steven Parissien's book Building Britannia:A History of Britain in Twenty-Five Buildings, with EA Festival logo overlayed.

EA Festival (Book Launch): Building Britannia by Dr Steven Parissien

April 10 @ 5:00 pm6:00 pm

Dr. Steven Parissien, will talk about his new book, Building Britannia: A History of Britain in Twenty-Five Buildings, with EA Festival director, Joanne Ooi. Join us in the Landscape Studio for a wonderful evening of literature, architecture and British history!

Building Britannia is a chronicle of social, political and economic change seen through the prism of the country’s built environment, but also a sequence of closely observed studies of a series of intrinsically remarkable structures: some of them beautiful or otherwise imposing; some of them more coldly functional; all of them with richly fascinating stories to tell.

Dr. Parissien tells both a national story, tracing how a growing sense of British nationhood was expressed through the country’s architecture, and also examines how these structures were used by later generations to signpost, mythologise or remake British history.

£12 a ticket
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About Steven

Dr Steven Parissien is Director of Studies and Departmental Lecturer in Architectural History at the University of Oxford, Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford and Interim Director of Gainsborough’s House.

Born in London and raised in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, Steven obtained both his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Oxford. He has worked in the heritage, arts and education sectors for over thirty years and has written extensively on architectural and cultural history.

An image of Dr Steven Parissien in centre frame. He is wearing a cream jacket with pink shirt and blue tie. He is smiling to the camera.