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An image taken in the Sudbury Gallery showcasing the exhibition, Anna Hennings: Artist in Residence. It shows a number of oak sculptures, paintings and mixed-media art pieces. The words 'Last chance' are overlayed in the bottom right corner.

Anna Hennings: Artist in Residence

March 11, 2023June 11, 2023

Paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture and mixed media pieces produced over the course of the redevelopment project, Reviving an Artist’s Birthplace, by Artist in Residence, Anna Hennings.

The art she exhibits carefully intertwines the story of the House’s renovations with her numerous arts projects from across the region. It expresses an awareness of our relationship to the spaces we inhabit and demonstrates her versatility across an array of media.

If you are interested in any of the artworks displayed or are seeking information on selected commissions, please contact Anna Hennings directly.

The Sudbury Gallery