James Ensor “Skeleton Arresting Masqueraders” A5 Unlined Notebook


A beautifully designed A5 Unlined Notebook by Heritage Digital featuring the masterpiece “Skeleton Arresting Masqueraders” by James Ensor c. 1891.

This notebook is relevant to the previous Exhibition; ‘Painting Flanders’

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14.6 x 21cm

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Gift Wrap Design

Thomas Gainsborough message card (£3.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Thomas Gainsborough message card (£3.00)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


“James Ensor, Paul Delvaux and René Magritte are the Belgian modern artists with the greatest international reputations. The work of Delvaux and Magritte has very recognisable character. Not so the art of James Ensor. For one thing, his work is exceptionally varied. His art was already appreciated outside of Belgium around 1900 and the international interest of collectors, scholars and the art gallery-going-public is still growing. But despite all that, could it be that Ensor is still largely an ‘artist’s artist’?” [Page 213 from Coming Home Painting Flanders Exhibition Catalogue.]

This painting belongs to the Pheobus Foundation in Antwerp.