A Printmakers Christmas by Alan Marshall


Few of the greetings cards featured in this book can be described as conventional, but neither can the artist who created them. The imaginative and often complex designs reflect the artist’s offbeat sense of humour, magpie-like hoarding habits, considerable talent and plenty of practice.

As a printmaker specialising in hand-burnished linocuts, Norfolk-based HJ Jackson has all of the tools necessary – both physical and mental – to make limited-edition cards for family, friends and those other people he wishes to impress

Books, biscuit tins, a gramophone, tinplate cars, Davenport bowls, Victorian bottles, teddy bears, Royal Doulton character jugs, coats and tea containers have starred on the cards and share space in the Jackson household. Understandably, the occasional cat, goose, cockerel and consumable items such as oranges haven’t stood the test of time!

144 pages, colour illustrations

15.5 x 15.5 cm

Published by Mascot Media, Norfolk 2016

All purchases support Gainsborough’s House

Gift Wrap Design

Thomas Gainsborough message card (£3.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Thomas Gainsborough message card (£3.00)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100


ISBN 9780995465138